I have three beautiful granddaughters. Like my grandfather Gene Chambers did for my daughters, I wanted to give them something that they could enjoy, and then pass along to their children and grandchildren. My grandpa's gift to my children were chairs, rockers, doll cradles and beds.

The summer of 2010 gave me the time to build something for each of them. They all love music and singing. The oldest were learning to play instruments in school.  I did a quick search and found kits to make Lap Dulcimers. A beautiful traditional instrument, the dulcimer is relatively easy to play, and fairly easy to construct. After just a few weeks, they each had their own, cypress, cherry and walnut, eldest to youngest. Bailey and Ali selected the sound hole cutouts for theirs. We all agreed on the conch cutout for Lina's.  And, one in wormy maple for me, in honor of Grandpa. He taught me how to use woodworking tools, so the hammer and saw are in his.

Why Katfish? In High School, while on the gymnastics team, I suffered an injury while fishing on Haulover Pier. A sea catfish spine punctured my right foot. It wasn't until months later, after many painful dismounts, that doctors diagnosed a 1 inch piece of spine still deep in the middle of my foot. The team nicknamed me Katfish Karash after the surgery to remove it. I've re-adopted it as a suitable "Delta Blues" moniker.

Grandpa's, Ali's, Bailey's, and Lina's

They were fun to build, and easy to play, I was hooked, what next?